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  2. Is it possible to request to make for a plugin of specific mmorpg? I think, currently i'm not enought skilled to make this plugin. I 'm ready to paid for it, if it is afordable.
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  4. I'm think I don't quite understand what you are referring to. You can already write direct messages to other clients (including bots) so I don't see what would be new in your suggestion... Could you elaborate a bit more on this?
  5. An idea to mumble: we could have a "bot direct message" button, when a bot is responding on Mumble. Telegram use that sysytem, but we dont need to have an automatic detection (like there, couse they have an entire bot infra). Here is Telegram interface: We could config that (bot name and - maybe - commands) on murmur.ini. It would work like a personal message, only, but we can create shotcuts and, possibly, make bot invisible. I'm a great enthusiastic about group icons too. I hope that can be improved soon. With all that on mind, I know this is a hard work specially because Mumble is Open Source. I understand how difficult is and apreciate all things already done and still being do. Nowadays, I'm trying to help with translations to my language but - as you can see - english "still in progress" to me :D. Thanks Mumble team.
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  7. Uhm removing m_bridge is certainly not a proper solution for this issue... My best guess without looking into it is that there was some update to the plugin interface during the development of 1.4.0 that has not been ported to the JSON bridge yet... Unfortunately I do not have the time to look into this myself right now but if you poke me again in about a month or so, I should be able to look into this. EDIT: Did you perhaps not build with static boost libraries and the dynamic ones are not in PATH so they can't be loaded when attempting to create m_bridge?
  8. Thank you for the quick turnaround on the fix! I was able to successfully build the project. However, I was trying to install the json_bridge_plugin.dll into my locally built version of Mumble (that supports the installation of plugins), but Mumble gave me this error: Unable to load plugin "json_bridge_plugin.dll" - check the plugin interface! If I place the plugin manually into Mumble's plugin directory, I get: Non-plugin found in plugin directory: "C:/mumble/out/build/x86-Release/plugins/json_bridge_plugin.dll" After poking around a bit, I realized that if I removed the m_bridge variable (specifically, if it is not in the constructor) in mumble-json-bridge\plugin\plugin.cpp then I am able to install the plugin. Is there a way to fix this so that the plugin can be installed properly?
  9. Normally the audio options are always saved and the audio wizard should only show up on first startup. Is perhaps the Mumble config file (~/.config/Mumble/Mumble.conf) removed between restarts? Which version of Mumble are you using?
  10. Hello together. I installed the Mumble Server and the Mumble Client. Server starts automatically on Startup. If i start the Client, there is always the Sound-Options Assistent. Is there a way, that the Sound Options will be safed? Thanks and best regards from Germany Stefan
  11. Okay cool - I will adapt the code in the repo accordingly - thanks for reporting back 🙂
  12. It should indeed be compatible but that is the wrong download link (it's for the windows version). Have a look at https://www.mumble.info/downloads/
  13. Yes it is compatible here's the link for doownload - https://dl.mumble.info/latest/stable/client-windows-x64
  14. @Krzmbrzl That change fixed the error, thanks!
  15. That is what i wanted. Thank you. I will study it and work on. I will come back here later.
  16. @LilyC hm it seems as if the calling convention for the CloseHandle function is different for some reason. Could you try changing json_bridge/src/NamedPipe.cpp:157 (https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble-json-bridge/blob/93a2aba680f3e9579842ff5b880532ed851fda0f/json_bridge/src/NamedPipe.cpp#L157) from using handle_t = FileHandleWrapper< HANDLE, BOOL (*)(HANDLE), INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, true >; to using handle_t = FileHandleWrapper< HANDLE, decltype(&CloseHandle), INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, true >; In theory that should automatically adapt to the required type whatever it might end up being. (And please let me know the result of this since in case this works, I would like this to be changed in the repo as well)
  17. If you are looking into creating a Mumble plugin, I advise you to the following section of our developer documentation: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/master/docs/dev/plugins/README.md or more precisely:https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/master/docs/dev/plugins/PositionalAudioPlugin.md I think the first thing that you should decide on is how you want the player positions to be fed from the game to the plugin. If you have access to the source code, using shared memory between the plugin and the game might be the easiest way to move the data around. Otherwise (especially if the game's code does not change (often)) you can also fetch the positions from the game's in-memory representation which does not require any changes to the game itself. You can take inspiration from e.g. the new Among Us plugin: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/tree/master/plugins/amongus
  18. Hello, sorry if i'm a wrong section. Currently i have a private server of a mmorpg ragnarok Online and i would like to integrate a voice chat. I saw that mumble ( or murmure) have plugin for a lot of games but not this one. If i understand, the plugin for game is what i expect and maybe you can guide me to make a new one for ragnarok online. The emulator is written in c++ ( source ) and hosted on a debian server. I hope to find answer here. Thank you.
  19. Thank you. I ended up using Boost 1.77, compiled for Win32. I am also using Visual Studio 2019 command line to build, with toolset 14.29.30037. When I try compiling, I get the following error (and other similar errors): C:\mumble\mumble-json-bridge\json_bridge\src\NamedPipe.cpp(227): error C2664: 'Mumble::JsonBridge::FileHandleWrapper<HANDLE,BOOL (__cdecl *)(HANDLE),0xffffffff,1>::FileHandleWrapper(handle_t,close_handle_function_t)': cannot convert argument 2 from 'BOOL (__stdcall *)(HANDLE)' to 'close_handle_function_t' with [ handle_t=HANDLE, close_handle_function_t=BOOL (__cdecl *)(HANDLE) ] and [ close_handle_function_t=BOOL (__cdecl *)(HANDLE) ] C:\mumble\mumble-json-bridge\json_bridge\src\NamedPipe.cpp(229): note: This conversion requires a reinterpret_cast, a C-style cast or function-style cast I am currently trying to change to a newer toolset since I know FileSystem was handled differently in different versions of Visual Studio. Would you have any other suggestions of what to look into if this does not work?
  20. Hi I want use the Mobile use only when I am ride my Scooter so the Accu should last as long as possible. 😘
  21. Since you are building it from source, the only requirement is for your Boost version to already include the functionality that is used (the JSON Bridge does not ship with any prebuilt parts that you'd have to maintain compatibility with). Iirc the functionality required from Boost is quite basic so I would assume that pretty much any version of Boost that is not completely ancient should do. If in doubt, use the latest version.
  22. If you are really concerned about your phone's lifespan I suggest not staying connected to Mumble while not needing it. And for me this does not justify making the UX for every other device worse.
  23. Hello, I am attempting to build the json_bridge portion of the Mumble JSON bridge. I am using cmake 3.18 and am unsure what version of Boost I am meant to have. I know that Boost is not great with backwards compatibility, so I am curious what version of Boost should be used to build this?
  24. Well it increase the lifespan of Mobile Device A LOT. How long does run your Phone over LTE?
  25. No I don't think that will happen. Increasing the ping interval will also increase the time until the client realizes that it can't reach the server anymore (and is thus no longer connected to it). I don't think it would be good UX to increase this time...
  26. Maybe there is a chance that the People who develop it add an function for an upcoming Version to change the Value in a GUI?
  27. Ah then I misunderstood your intent. You want to increase the ping interval - I thought you wanted to increase the amount of pings sent. But yeah as I said: This is a fixed property that you'd have to manually change in the source code and then run a custom build of the server and the client.
  28. because it would save Data when no traffic exchange is needed. It also drain the Accu.
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