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  1. Hi dafoxia. Thank you very much for the answer. I will try these steps you suggested :) My final goal (I should write it on the first post..) would be a PC working 24/7 with, say, ubuntu server, mumble server, and a mumble client (bot or whatever). The mumble client would do the following: It would transmit with voice activity (VOX) from mic input of soundcard. Whenever someone else talks in the channel, the mumble client would output the audio to the souncard output of course, and also would change the RTS pin state of RS232. For example, if noone speaks, then the RTS would have about -11V (normal "idle" state). When someone speaks in the channel, the RTS pin will have +11V. This RTS pin will be used as hardware PTT (press to talk) command for an external ham radio transciever. The guys at http://mumblefunk.de have done this, but with ubuntu desktop and patched mumble client (with gui). So, I guess I should first make barnard work, and then study, in order to understand how it works, so that maybe some day I could be able to perhaps "patch" it with code to do all the above things... Am I thinking right? Of course, it will be difficult for me, since I have not yet been able to make barnard work (in windows) :oops: but also I think it will be very interesting. Any further help will be welcomed, of course. Thanks again.
  2. Someone with an answer? I read something about "barnard" and "mumble ruby" but it seems I can not make mumble-ruby work... And also I can not make barnard work, I need info and reading... I know here is mumble forum and maybe it is not the right place for these questions regarding barnard or mumble-ruby (or it is?), but if someone has info about my questions, please respond.
  3. Hi, Best wishes for all. I tried today with WinXP SP3 32bit and it is working fine. Also, I tried it in Windows 7 SP1 Starter (in Virtualbox) but the launcher (MumblePortable) did not work. Only the splash screen shows (Development test release) and then nothing. I tried also with "run as administrator" but with the same results. If I run the mumble.exe (in folder App/Mumble) it works ok.
  4. Hi all. First post here, I am Babis from Greece. I wish the best for all for the new year and for always :) My question is: Could the mumble client run on a linux system without GUI? I tried to install mumble on ubuntu 14.04 server but mumble needs xserver (I think its a gui for linux). I am VERY new to linux, I know almost nothing, so forgive my ignorance... Regards.
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