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  1. I believe this may be a Linux restriction, to ensure the critical low standard ports are not accessible to just any system user account. I believe root can bind to it, so a bind and then lower to a different user works. I think I remember the default package init script doing this. How do you start the Mumble server? See also https://superuser.com/a/892391
  2. You can bind shortcuts, including the PTT key, in the shortcuts section of the settings dialog (too). The audio wizard allows binding it too AFAIR.
  3. And you send this through the Mumble client? Doesn't this sound more like noise suppression taking effect rather than gain control? It notices a constant noise and suppresses that.
  4. So by enable you mean the ingame Overlay? First and foremost, does it work in other games? Did you verify it is not an issue with enabling it, and white or blacklist? To verify, if you use blacklist it should show anywhere it technically could. The overlay injects into the rendering pipeline; namely Direct3D or OpenGL. More info on our docs page. So first, it depends on what World of Tanks uses. Do you know or can check what it uses? Some games also seem to use non-expected states or orders of rendering pipeline setup and execution or similar - I was never able to go for an analytical deep dive, but that was my impression. So this may be the case for World of Tanks. If you want to help find the issue a developer/debug console would show more information about overlay setup, and playing a file called debugoverlay next to the exe would yield yet more information messages being.
  5. This may be a misunderstanding. If you have a registered account on a server you are registered with your user certificate, under a specific username. When you connect, no matter with what different username, you will take over the username of your registered account (as that is what you are registered under).
  6. To clarify/elaborate: The categorization is currently location based, not language/usage based. This is also indicated by the wording like location and and country rather than language. As davide pointed out and linked corresponding tickets we are aware of language and intention use cases, and are discussing them there, and considering adding functionality for it.
  7. Hello, in your server configuration check for the setting names starting with register. https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Murmur.ini#Server_Registration
  8. Maybe one is the 32-bit and the other the 64-bit installer? Windows File Explorer File properties on it only shows a revision number guid. In our wixproj there is only a project id. https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/1.3.3/installer/MumbleInstall.wixproj#L12 Not sure how that relates to it. We only changed the code signing certificate some time ago. But I am not aware of any ID changes towards or within 1.3.
  9. Mumble does not need to run as administrator to work and log fine. I suspect one of a few things went wrong are unexpected on your end - and information is missing. Maybe you did not install the official installer? Maybe you modified it trying to make it run in "portable" mode with an ini next to the exe? Where do you expect and check the log/log file? The official installer does currently not provide anything for running murmur as a Windows service by itself.
  10. What do you mean, protected? Maybe a webserver is already running and using the port?
  11. The FAQ has some information although I wonder if the numbers are still correct today. The client has settings that determine the bitrate it sends. You can see it in the settings dialog, and how quality and audio per packet influences it. This setting can be capped server side with the bandwidth setting to reduce the used bitrate https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Murmur.ini#bandwidth To get an idea you can multiply parallel speaking users with the max bandwidth. The server does not do a lot of processing. It routes the network packets. Although this means it does not require a lot, it still does.
  12. Feel free to check the issue tracker and create a feature request at https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues
  13. As red should hear blue when the shout target is the parent channel all three channels need to be linked. This way shouting will be heard by every participant. Three three channels in Mission2 will be linked as well, amongst themselves, but not to Mission1. The channels are now linked and everyone can hear each other. I am thinking it may be possible/should work to deny speak to sibling channels while allowing it on the parent. This way red does not hear blue, but shouting to the parent is still audible to both. For this setup see https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/ACL_and_Groups/English#Channel_Group_-_Speak_to_children_but_not_siblings That is the same thing, right?
  14. If there is not but there are ones for lowering and increasing a shortcut to set a specific level makes sense. Although configuration would need to define what to reset to. What do you expect/think reset should set the volume level to?
  15. kissaki


    Which OS/environment? It differs a bit and may be easier or harder depending on it. We are in the process of moving build documentation to the main repository, which should happen in the coming days or weeks.
  16. I’m not sure about/familiar with the specifics, but I can imagine this being an audio codec thing as well. Not sure if Opus does provide a mode to try and keep even minuscule signals; it may.
  17. Unfortunately we do not have an official Android client. Which one are you using?
  18. kissaki


    Welcome and have fun! :)
  19. If server loopback works on both ends I would say it has to be a permission issue. Your users probably are denied to speak. I presume their lights do not light up for each other. Are they muted, or deafened? Did you change the ACL speak permission?
  20. Mumble can be set to either a specific device or the Windows default. Note that Windows can have different default device and default communication device.
  21. The buttons you list as greyed out are server-dependent actions, so you need to be connected to a server to use them. When not connected to a server these can not do anything.
  22. If I understand you correctly. * User A connects as SuperUser * User B connects as a normal user * User A wants to register user B Is that what you describe? User B has to have a user certificate in order to be registerable.
  23. See https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble-ubuntu-ppa/issues/11
  24. AFAIK the reconfigure command asks for the password to be entered. Is that the case? Did you enter it there? The -supw password requires you to pass it as a parameter to set it. Did you do that? It may also need an additional parameter to specify where the database is stored so it does not use a different one between you setting it and the server running.
  25. With the appropriate permission on you, right click the channel, choose Edit, and configure the "Maximum User" value.
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