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  1. Thank you very much We didn't made any change to the software. The software works nice with its default conf/code. It's enought to start the client (the VPN ). Well sorry if my request about that wasn't clear, but maybe i wrote the wrong things. Wasn't my intention to ask YOU to integrate Alienet VPN, my request was: Since actually the unique VoIP server is managed by mumble softwares (both client-server) i was asking for documentation. With this documentation we will understand if we can find a way to "include a sort of pre-set VPN connection. Just to make the VoIP more userfriendly
  2. Dear Mumble staff, i don't know how to contact the management of this project, so i've found the forum and decided to use it. I have a project up, basically, without go deep more than enough, we run an hidden network, a private one. Since we need to set up various services, we was able to run mumble server into this hidden network. this hidden network has not ads, actually is just composed by 1 thousand (more/less) users, much of them are supporters and developers. Anyway, we setted up this service. Since once users are connected to this hidden network, are no more able to use the inter
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