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  1. I have a setting that reduces volume by x% every time someone uses the mic. I have isolated the cause of this to Mumble itself because I have disabled the windows setting to do this. The problem is that when I run multiple instances of the client, the volume reduces from 50%, then 25%, then 12.5% etc. Possibly because people are speaking on both servers, and the client does not register that the person is not talking anymore and restores volume level to 100%. Over time my volume goes to zero and I have to manually reset it in the volume control panel. This is very irritating. Please f
  2. does it have to do with loudness equalization? i need to have it on otherwise the sound from the game is too soft but when I have loudness equalization on, I can't hear mumble at all. any solutions?? this is very irritating
  3. Nope, my sound is still muted every time I activate Mumble. Bluetooth speakers are default communications device.
  4. I am using a Creative Muvo 2c Bluetooth Speaker. 1. I connect the bluetooth speaker. So far so good. 2. In order to get Mumble to work, I have to set the Audio Input and Audio Output from 'Default Device' to 'Headphones/Headset'. 3. I click 'Apply' or 'Ok', and all sounds are suddenly disabled, including Mumble. 4. I close Mumble, and suddenly all the sounds are playing as per normal. This is the first time this is happening. Previous times I did not encounter this issue. Tried searching for similar problems, disabling Exclusive mode does nothing. Please help!
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