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  1. Akito

    Logs for all chats

    @N8HLG If this does what it explains to do, this is not the solution. I use `murmur` always in foreground mode. The logs never show the chat, they only show which channel is switched to, etc. Therefore, a log file of this type wouldn't be of any help.
  2. Akito

    Logs for all chats

    @N8HLG Thanks for the reply. I did a quick find / -name "murmur.txt" on the server side, which yielded no results.
  3. Akito

    Logs for all chats

    How can I let the server log all chats happening on the server?
  4. Like 2 years ago I had murmur running on my Zero W and it was super fine. Couldn't complain. Then I changed to Raspberry Pi 3 B. Still super fine. Recently, I changed to a VPS. Still super fine. All good.
  5. So after a long time of not knowing what's going on, I had another sound issue within Windows 10, which led me to check all the sound devices again. I noticed that some device I neither can nor do use shows some output. I turned off this device, called Realtek Digital Output, and the sound shown to be output through this device was now redirected to the default playback device. Of course, the sound was expressed by Text-To-Speech, which, as it seems like, worked all along, it just never was perceivable, because it somehow didn't use the default device to be output, but a device that can't even be used. Thanks, Windows. At least the issue is solved now.
  6. Some of you might have heard of the terrible Windows update that has hit many consumers which caused millions of computers to function worse or even stop functioning, at all. Since then I had to fix a lot of issues with the OS, but I still didn't manage to fix the TTS issue, which completely caused this function to be muted entirely in the Windows client for Mumble. TTS works, if connected from Plumble to the Murmur server. So the issue has to be the Windows client. Since the aforementioned terrible Windows update, the Windows client of Mumble was updated from 1.2.9 to 1.3 stable. Sadly, the issue still persists. All this sounds like a Windows-only issue, but I've tried every TTS solution that focuses on the OS and nothing of it worked. TTS seems to work on OS-level, but still not in Mumble. TTS is turned on, settings were applied several times, nothing worked. How can I make TTS work again in the client?
  7. I thought this limit applies to every channel on the server. How do I specify the channel I want to limit?
  8. I've searched and searched, I found only a way to limit users for all channels on the server. How do I limit the number of users for each individual channel?
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