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  1. Hi all, I updated my mumble to 1.3.1 from 1.3.0 then after that the overlay doesn't work, Is this a bug? PS: It's working on 1.3.0, the Game.exe is added in the whitelist Overlay Exception. Regards, NicoTing
  2. SOLUTION: Okay, so after trying and trying, I figured out that you need to run the mumble as admin too if the game/app was run as admin, and also you need to add the game in the Allowed programs/whitelist from the Overlay Exception
  3. I mean when focused on game , the game's window is open/active But when the notepad's window for example is open/active, the push to talk works. Yes, it must be run as admin.
  4. Hi all, Push to Talk doesn't work when I am playing a game or the active window is the game I am playing. I always open another app, then alt tab to that app to to use the push to talk , and it's HASSLE cause I am using this app to report to my team mate, also the overlay doesn't work, the game is CrossFire. Here is my pc windows version: BUT I remember even in lower version of Windows 10 it's not working Thanks, NicoTing
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