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    I am working as a mentor at KVCH which aims in providing training to corporates/ employees & students. KVCH focuses on delivering practical based training using live projects on the latest technologies like Apache Scala, big data Hadoop, SalesForce, Cognos, AWS, Embedded Systems, AWS. Online/Offline Mode Available. Join KVCH to boost and upskill your career.
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  1. So I want to have text-to-speech enabled for when users mute/unmute or connect/disconnect to the server, but I don't want them to queue up. Sometimes there's someone who presses the mute/unmute button 100 times in rapid succession, and the text-2-speech guy then spends 5 minutes catching up to all those events. I would like him to interrupt and just discard any previous message and read the most recent one only. Is there an option for this I'm missing? Thanks
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