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  1. Hi I want use the Mobile use only when I am ride my Scooter so the Accu should last as long as possible. 😘
  2. Well it increase the lifespan of Mobile Device A LOT. How long does run your Phone over LTE?
  3. Maybe there is a chance that the People who develop it add an function for an upcoming Version to change the Value in a GUI?
  4. because it would save Data when no traffic exchange is needed. It also drain the Accu.
  5. Its possible to tweak that Server side to a higher Value? I am intend to buy that Device: https://hytera-europe.com/products/pnc380 Sadly Radio with UHF DMR cost way to much for me now.
  6. Yes Here we have the 365Day Packed I mention it before who I would take since maybe in Winter I dont need any Service and in Summer a lot of Voice Service.
  7. Hi Now I want for safety set up my first own Server and use then only on Android Device. How much Data does a idle Client need? We have 1 Year fares who I would pay 30€ for 20Gb who last 1 Year. So when I am run the Phone "in idle" for a Month its not a problem. Thanks
  8. :roll: Germans... I need a communication who works "offline" like onboard a Train via a Local Wifi. Since the SIP Standard not seem to support Push to Talk communication and the Ascom Solution is to expensive I will use mumble on the Android Device. Currently I seek for "the right" Device. The Boxchip S900A Plus look interresting. The support DMR and use Android.
  9. Some Company offer for a long time Analoge Radio with Android that I heard the just suck. Sure on the other end are Hytera who cost ~1000€/ $/... I found a Chinese Company who have a DRM Version. Well for non Amateur Radio Operator its not legal to use that in Europe ( :roll: ). I would say the major difference in Digital is the Voice is always perfect and with encryption 99,999...% are not able to listen in.
  10. Why do you even buy a Device without Display? :o What I heard the Hytera is able to Open an Software from a Menu. Hmm does it not work on default? Is there anything to know about? Sry I never use such an Device. Maybe someone here have experience with device like that.
  11. This: https://www.hytera-mobilfunk.com/de/produkt/details/hytera-pnc380/ Some user found a way to connect via remote to the Device and install everything who run under Android 5.0. The only downside of the device is the have no Touchscreen. The new 380 have a Keypad (the older 370 havent). So I have more options to run a Software on that.
  12. :shock: ... Is there some other SIP Gateway? Sadly a "default" SIP Server Support not Push to Talk.
  13. Hi There are some Android 5.0 Device out there who are design from a Company to use "there" VoIP Chat System and have NO TOUCH SCREEN! Someone on Youtube Show its possible to install any Android Software the only problem the must support Fully an Keyboard Input after Installation with an "Desktop Software". Is there an Client who can do that? Thanks
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