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  1. I've been testing my mumble server setup and so far it has been stable for about a month now. The game I'm going to use it for is model train operations. In an operating session, a dispatcher needs to be able to talk to other channels, all channels and a private channel. A yardmaster needs a distinct channel that incoming and outgoing trains can talk to. Trains on the road need their own channel to talk to each other and the dispatcher should be monitoring that channel. These channels are not complex to create, but I'd like some advice on how to make them efficient. For example, all trains should be able to talk among themselves in normal voice, but if they push to talk that traffic should be heard on the dispatch channel. Same with individual yardmasters, talk freely among the trains coming in or going out and push to talk to dispatch or trainmaster. The special feature that I haven't figured out is having a spectator channel. Non-participants could be in a channel where they can hear all traffic, possibly at a lower volume, and be able to talk among themselves, but not be heard on any of the channels "in play." What would be a best practice to setup a channel like this? During an operating session there is a dedicated person who manages players and the channels that they are supposed to be in. Any person entering the server that is not participating should be able to change from the main lobby to the spectator channel, the AFK channel or the "waiting to be assigned" channel for actual players.
  2. As a lurker here for a while, mumble is about to rip right through a hobby that has been forced to evolve into cyberspace, against its will I might add, in the last 3 months. It works the same way only better, than the systems in use now which consist of actual wired in telephones, cheap radios and just plain shouting.
  3. First, thanks for having me. I used Teamspeak since 2008 for several games. But I'm working on something new now. I had hopes for Teamspeak, but the phone and ipod apps aren't free and since this is a partially tabletop/online game I have to get all the players to install an app. Then I discovered mumble.... After testing murmur with using some phones, laptops and ipods - things got exciting. This is going to be a very disruptive technology in my world. I've had fun with several channel configurations. Here's what I want now - 1. the top leader can communicate with anyone individually privately, but has his own channel and will be at a computer with the mumble app open and visible at all times, so he can move players if necessary - but it would be better if he didn't have to. 2. there is another leader who is also setup the same way, but will also act as the master operator of the mumble system and should be able to broadcast messages to all players at one time, i.e., a flash message 3. there are static stations that will be using phone and ipod apps and should never need to actually look at their devices, but have a default voice activated channel and a PTT to a higher leader 4. there are players who need voice activated channels to a certain leader and PTT to another leader 5. generally there won't be any text messages, this whole thing would replace the radios and telephone systems we all currently use. 6. It would also be cool to have "spectators" who aren't playing but can listen in on all channels or certain channels from different lobbys - but they don't get to talk to anyone. This would be a huge deal. 7. It would also cool if the traffic could go out on the live stream on either youtube or facebook - currently there is just a live feed and you hear whatever the webcam mic picks up, which is a lot of noise and people talking over each other. I've found that setting up channels is much easier than I expected and so far no technical difficulties. I could draw a system map, if anyone wants to see a picture of what I think it will look like, but I'm betting I don't know how much sweeter this thing can really be. I'd like to see some posts about advanced team setups that people are using now....
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