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  1. I am trying to set up a server for a group and am struggling with getting the channel permissions the way I want them. Let's assume the basic design I have is similar to the below and I have a defined group called MissionOfficers. __Mission1BlueTeam | Mission1All-----| |__Mission1RedTeam __Mission2BlueTeam | Mission2All-----| |__Mission2RedTeam I want MissionOfficers to be able to sit in Mission1BlueTeam and talk amongst themselves, but be able to Shout to Mission1All and Mission1RedTeam without Mission2* hearing them. I also want MissionOfficers to be able to Shout from any Mission1* channel and be heard in the rest of the Mission1* channels, but not Mission2*. Basically I want a private channel for the MissionOfficers (and anyone that pull in) where they can talk privately, and then I want MissionOfficers to be able to, on demand, speak to every member in Mission1 and below from any Mission1* channel (so speaking to Parent and Children from either Parent or Child). I've gotten close, but my current issue is that a user in Mission1RedTeam can hear Shouts from MissionOfficers sitting in Mission2All. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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