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  1. Thanks, I had seen the new snapshot but didn't think to try it cause version number was so close. :) Still folowing also, I'll try it asap.
  2. Thanks Kissaki. I tried that and executed mumble and libsndfile-1.dll was not present. I looked closer and renamed it with a dash instead of the underscore which was libsndfile_1.dll this allowed it to go to the next error which looks the same as the .msi? error I spoke of above instruction at 0x01d45e38 referenced memory at 0x01d7c394. the memory could not be written standard application error box
  3. I'm having a problem that sounds similar. I have outpost also. It is the best firewall I've ever had. It can be completely disabled with a right click to troubleshoot the networking. What I have is an an old version. wl_hook is not harmful. I think I chased down this wl_hook road before on other programs that installed with .msi. Problem does not exist with an executable in particular the 1.22 exe. DO you have or have you ever had Microsoft visual Studio installed? I cleared up an identical problem with a video card driver install that used an .MSI. After much searching, about a year, I found a MS hotfix for a lib file. It seems they upgraded this lib file (in Visual Studio 2005) and it does not handle nulls and/or overflows correctly. Unfortunately, that hotfix only worked for that driver install, I can't install the new drivers or most other programs that install with an MSI. MS does offer to look up hotfixes over the phone after a lengthy list of qualification questions. If they give up the hotfix and it works, could you post it? :)
  4. I have problems with msi installers. Seems MS has played with their C libraries if you ever installed their development software. If you uninstall it you still need hotfixes and they are hard to track down. I've worked on repairing this for a couple years and my best bet is to stay away from msi installers and use the executables.. I tried it anyhow, it installed but crashed on startup like most msi do for me. The executable of 1.22 worked nice. Is there an exe installer for 1.2.3. Or can I just go back to 1.2.2?
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