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  1. Mumble always uses Opus (modern versions anyways) and afaik Opus does not support uncompressed audio. I could be wrong though. I would expect however that uncompressed audio would be very demanding in terms of bandwidth requirements...
  2. On MacOS it is rather likely that the issue is Apple's "security" features. On Linux on the other hand such a system does not exist (afaik). Are you perhaps using Wayland instead of regular X-server? 'cause shortcuts don't work on Wayland.
  3. Not with the current state of the code. I am working on a general-purpose plugin framework for Mumble (https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/pull/3743) though that will allow this kind of effect to be added as the audio streams are exposed to plugins (which can therefore mess with it). In fact this is already done by the ACRE2 Mod for Arma 3. They have a branch including a Mumble plugin using this new system at https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2. Another early adapter of the plugin framework is fgcom: https://github.com/hbeni/fgcom-mumble
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