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  1. Im sorry. You couldnt understand probably because Im not so good in english yet. Ill try another way to explain: You are on any channel of your server, type "/" for example and a command... Lets suppose "/status" to capture info of your ingame account (I did something like that on a server). I know there is a way to "intercept" a string by the server, but if was native understandable as a command, the text "/status" would not be sent on the channel. Its easier, faster and confortable form to send a command without need select the bot user to ask for a command. Just a "quality of life" idea, not REALLY necessary. Another way to do that is add a recipient for a text keybind. You could set one keybing for youself to send (directly) a text to the bot. Instead a text, we could config a name; @ourbot for example. The client would just activate a text interface to send message. Next year (3rd quarter probably) I'll start learn about QT Framework, to help our team with that quality of life and see if community will like them, so we can make Mumble even better. Ill try to help with interface organization and test with some friends to see how they react. Im a developer but focused on web and Golang products, not so familiar with visual frameworks; thats why Im not helping right now. Thanks for you attention 😄
  2. An idea to mumble: we could have a "bot direct message" button, when a bot is responding on Mumble. Telegram use that sysytem, but we dont need to have an automatic detection (like there, couse they have an entire bot infra). Here is Telegram interface: We could config that (bot name and - maybe - commands) on murmur.ini. It would work like a personal message, only, but we can create shotcuts and, possibly, make bot invisible. I'm a great enthusiastic about group icons too. I hope that can be improved soon. With all that on mind, I know this is a hard work specially because Mumble is Open Source. I understand how difficult is and apreciate all things already done and still being do. Nowadays, I'm trying to help with translations to my language but - as you can see - english "still in progress" to me :D. Thanks Mumble team.
  3. Or when many users left, enter the channel... We need text to speech functionality, but when many users do a lot of things the queue should be dicarted and last user or a pattern should be read. Would be even better if we could choose if queue or not, with default disabled.
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