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  1. Is it possible to request to make for a plugin of specific mmorpg? I think, currently i'm not enought skilled to make this plugin. I 'm ready to paid for it, if it is afordable.
  2. That is what i wanted. Thank you. I will study it and work on. I will come back here later.
  3. Hello, sorry if i'm a wrong section. Currently i have a private server of a mmorpg ragnarok Online and i would like to integrate a voice chat. I saw that mumble ( or murmure) have plugin for a lot of games but not this one. If i understand, the plugin for game is what i expect and maybe you can guide me to make a new one for ragnarok online. The emulator is written in c++ ( source ) and hosted on a debian server. I hope to find answer here. Thank you.
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