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The Mumble server does not decode and reencode audio data. It just routes the audio packets to targets. If available to enough users as per threshold setting the Opus codec will be used. If you set it to 100 and the first user that connects does not support Opus, the server will advertise a switch t...
The ACL are evaluated on the channel level, so no, I think this is not possible like that. Looking at it on a more conceptual level, why would a moderator that we trust to kick users appropriately not be allowed to kick moderators? Surely he will not do so without good reason or where allowed. Is th...

please refer to the respective licenses. It kind of depends on the components you want to package.
But generally, packaging the core program is not an issue.

What do you plan to package?
The magic of cloud computing. :D

Thank you for the voiced appreciation.
The downloads are hosted by GitHub. The link works for me. Please try again in a few minutes. It should resolve itself/upstream.
The Mumble server Murmur does not do any audio processing. Hence, it does not use the systems audio backend.

It receives audio data via network packets, and re-routes them to adequate targets.

So no audio backend device is selectable or even used.
This is a client side issue introduced with 1.3.0. See

The GitHub repository hosts both the client and server code.

This issue has nothing to do/is independent of the server.
Did you change the display language?

I would expect this to depend on your operating system regional formatting settings. What's your OS configuration regarding this?

Just beware of that these limits are there for a reason; to prevent DoS flooding. :)

If you keep that in mind, changing them is fine of course.

Thank you! ;-)
Hello JMax, yes, that is a feature. It is server side rate limiting. There is a cooldown period once you hit it. You should still be able to talk though, if you are unmuted. See the messageburst and messagelimit config options of the server.