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You can uninstall the package, and manually install the static linux server we provide. You can reuse the existing configuration and database by configuring it appropriately. If you want to do that. Otherwise, maybe upgrading your distro version would be an option? Or using an AppImage? I guess thos...
The system say is already updated Where are you installing from? What are you installing? Looks like Debian Stretch is still supported but not the current version. Looks like the website no longer allows searching for older versions. If you’re installing from the official Debian...
Concerning log message I meant Mumble server, not SQL Server.

I don’t think a dump is necessary.
I presume it is inadequate handling of the incoming edit request. So the next step would be to check that in code.
I presume the murmur_ table prefix is something that is done for/on MySQL? In sqlite there is a groups table and the column names match. I presume the issue here is that on that server 3566 in channel 1 a group with name admin is trying to be created. I do not know where this is coming from. What ki...
Loading of external images in messages was an undocumented (at least for client message sending) but working functionality before 1.3.0. This was removed in 1.3.0 because of privacy concerns. It is described in the features block in [User][Removed] Drop support for external images https://www.mumble...
Thank you for the words of appreciation. :)

It’s hard and frustrating work. Too many tasks and not enough time, and eating away on personal time. But I’m glad we finally have the stable version and new website out.
Why are you still using 1.2.3? Please note that the patch releases include some security fixes, although I am not currently aware if it applies to clients or linux clients specifically, and you packager may apply them for a customized, patched .1.2.3 version but that depends on their support.
The URL format changed with 1.2.0, hence the

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part of the URL. URLs without that parameter are interpreted as old-format URLs.

I don’t really understand if you describe an issue beyond that.
geffers wrote:
27 Aug 2019, 10:49
Any other users use mumble with mobiles as a peer to peer VOIP successfully?
I don’t but I know numerous others do.
Best try it out and update the wiki page with what works or does not.