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You mean 1.3?

It may not work on every DX9 game.

Running DebugView alongside could give some insight (logged information) into what happens or what the problem may be.
Nice work! :D

Great to hear you had success in integrating and making use of Mumble!

The video doesn’t really show any channel switching though? :)
When connected to the server with ACL permission (I think?), check the user information (right click menu).
Please check the users packet loss and Mumble versions and report back.
Mumble 1.2 and 1.3 uses CELT 0.7 as a baseline fallback (if not all participants have Opus or Celt 0.11 available and Opus is not enforced).

The server may also enforce Opus. I do not actually know how the server loopback test behaves if it is set up that way.

What OS are you using?
No, and the Raspbian website doesn’t seem particularly helpful to me.

You may want to look for support from that project, or try to look for the package recipes or building one based on the Debian or Ubuntu package recipes.
I would start at the mumble-theme repository.

Depends on what you mean by “through code”. Which code. But yes.
What Linux distribution does that use? Do you have resources for that? Can you check there? You can see arm being provided just fine still on the Ubuntu packages for example.§ion=all So it is not a lack of ARM su...
Nothing changed in that regard.

Where do you get your package/binaries from?
You sparked my interest in this and today I created a script in C#/.NET Core 3.0.

If you are interested in it for reference, it is available at