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This is about the Mumble client?

Did you verify that Mumble stores its settings, and that storage is persistent across reboots?

For the path see

Personally I’m not familiar with the Raspberry Pi and how it handles storage.
So other participants hear them fine?

When it happens, can you check your user information for late packets and packet loss?

I'd consider a networking issue more likely for now.
How do you measure the audio round trip latency?

WASAPI beying greyed out just means there is no other option. It's the standard system - which is fine.
Hello Why do you want to drop the root channel? The defaultchannel server setting allows you to specify a default channel other than the root channel (which is the default). If the root channel is the default, that will overwrite the not-enterable restriction if there are no other channels to enter....
Unfortunately some of our PPA release builds are broken. I would suggest you use the dev snapshot PPA instead. It has some additional/new features, and can be considered very stable as well. You may receive more updates as they are snapshots, but it's definitely better than using an outdated stable ...
The mumble package is the client. The mumble-server package is the server. If you look into the PPA via launchpad you will not immediately see he packages that are installable. In the overview you will see a bunch of mumble. Only if you click View all published packages and then expand an Ubuntu ver...
1. yes. user certs are for authentication and friend list across servers. 2. uh, the server does not ask you though!? are you talking about the client? 5. you set a password in the configuration file murmur.ini and you start murmur. 6. if your VPN provides you with a public IP you can give to others...
And you think that’s an issue on the other persons end or your end?

I have a friend who sometimes gets low volume as well. Others don't tho. So it's on his end. Mic problems.
Mumble does not take PA into account when recording. I don't think using the PA data is the expected default for most users. You are right, an option to allow this would be nice. You can check if such a feature request already exists in the tracker, and create one if it does not.
It normally works just fine. Which OS? Windows? Keybindings are stored in the registry then. So it shouldn't really be possible to be an OS permission issue then. Unless you created an ini settings file to use it in a portable mode? There's been work for allowing exporting and importing shortcuts. B...