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Hello I do not understand the differentiation/difference between “when I am playing a game or the active window is the game I am playing”. Mumble runs in an elevated mode that should allow it to handle push to talk before other applications. Do you run your games as administrator/in administrator mo...
Hello, that sounds like an interesting project. What you describe and how you planned it out is definitely possible. How familiar are you with the Rasberry Pi? I think what you will have to further check on, as the next validation steps is: * What specifically do you want for the parent? A (bluetoot...
All of a sudden? Was it when you started the Mumble application? When you joined a server? When you started the game? Or mid-game? When you open the Windows Volume Mixer, do you still see the other applications producing sound output? Are they not muted? Do you still have the correct output device s...
The empty padding is so recordings of multi user discussions keep a matching timestamps with each other.

The Mumble client itself does not currently have what you are looking for.
Never heard of it before.
Yes, in the recording dialog in the Mode group box, select not the Downmix mode but the Multichannel mode. This will create individual files for each user that is speaking.
Looks like you are banned or something.

If you can contact the server admin ask them to check in the server log for the connection refuse/close reason form the servers side.
How do you connect to the server?
In the connect dialog does it show a server ping?
What is the error message when you try to connect?
About the lost settings I can only really point to the Windows registry. I don't know why they would become lost, unless the Windows user was changed, the registry reset/restored to an older state, or the settings in Mumble reset to defaults by the user.
Great to hear Mumble if of good use to you and your community, and you're still actively using and enjoying it. There are no plans currently. We have too many open tasks for how few we are anyway. :) That being said, I do think it would be an interesting feature. The user avatars were made square ba...