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Hello, good to hear it’s of great use to you. WAV files can hold metadata. The question then is what kind of metadata Audition uses. Possibly a propiertary format (= not defined as a standard). Any change like that requires changes to the client, because (a...
Thank you for your efforts! (I haven’t read through it yet.)

The public-facing page is cached and should update/become updated after a few minutes. If you open the editor/edit page you should always see the updated page content though.
Hello, you can use the mumble:// URL schema to connect to specific servers. See You can pass the URL to the client executable and it will try to connect. The client will gracefully try to reconnect, of lesser frequency, and eventually stop (AFAIK). So setting...
There is no "Superuser certificate". The superuser account is a fallback account for administration and ALWAYS requires a password.

You can set the password by running the server executable with the -supw parameter. See ... r_Password
When reconnecting fails and the client log does not tell you much, the server log may have more info on why connection was denied or that it failed.
I created an elaborative documentation example for this at Please take a look for any issues and if it is well explained. Feel free to improve if you have a wiki account, or give your feedback here.
Hello, The channel link feature will make them share context for talking. For the following consider a single, unlinked channel a link community with just one channel in it. To join another channel into your link community, you join the channel community and then open the context menu on the link yo...
Described in the Murmurguide here ... r_Password

You can set the superuser password with -supw

Code: Select all

murmur.exe -supw Password_of_your_choice
or on linux

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./murmur.x86 [-ini <path>] -supw Password_of_your_choice
I agree, the message should be more elaborative.

my French is not good, would English be fine for you?
What you are saying is this is not a server password you enter?

Did you import/do you use your own, password protected user certificate? Or do you use a automatically generated one?