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Are you talking about Ivan Hawkes plugin that one can find on Bitbucket? I will check it out. My idea at the moment is to give the developers some freedom how to integrate the plugin into their game. For instance they can pick which character and camera they want to link to the plugin. Also they can...
First step the translation to EPIC standards. /** A struct that organizes the information passed throught the linked memory */ struct LinkedMemory { /** Version of the Link plugin */ uint32 PluginVersion; /** Counter to check if information has been updated */ uint32 UpdateCounter; /** In game Avata...
My plan is to make an Unreal Engine 4(UE4) plugin for mumble. I have some initial ideas for the plugin that I would like to share. This way people can put feedback on the ideas and implementation. The main idea is to use the UE4 plugins option to implement a mumble link plugin. This UE4 plugin would...
I am trying to understand the problem.

What happens if you do not run the audio assistant? Do you completely finish the audio assistant? I looks like the settings set by the audio assistant are not saved. This can happen when Mumble crashes, so you do not have a clean exit of mumble.
Try to put a sleep/wait some seconds between the two commands.
Could you check if audio comes back if you exit mumble. On ubuntu mumble will be presented as a phone application to PulseAudio and I think the PulseAudio server is setup to mute all other applications when a phone application is started. You need to go into the server settings to disable this.
The dependency is due to the build dependency of mumble. This is transferred to the binary package dependencies. We could ask the maintainer of the package to not transfer this depency and leave it as a suggestion/recommendation. In the meanwhile you can install the mumble package without installing...
Have you tried this link, already.
Would you be so kind to update the documentations when you are finished with your implementation. So future devs will not encounter the same problems.

Github is used when one wants to have commits added to the git repo.
How does the Mac OS native client of mumble sound?

Still slo-mo voices are normally comming from a faulty sample rate. It could be that the sample rate presented to mumble is incorrect. You could try the people on the IRC channel if they have a solution.