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by N8LHG
21 Feb 2020, 16:03
Forum: Usage
Topic: Logs for all chats
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Re: Logs for all chats

It should already be dong that on the murmur server side. "murmur.txt". Should contain channel changes, ip address, name used, time, etc.
by N8LHG
03 Feb 2020, 15:46
Forum: Technical
Topic: Channel freezes when someone disconnects.
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Re: Channel freezes when someone disconnects.

This probably isn't going to be a lot of help, but I had a friend that had similar issues. His simple resolve was an audio driver update that was not associated with windows 10 update. I realize that isn't a lot of help, for I don't have any more details to give you. Is your audio built into the sys...
by N8LHG
21 Dec 2019, 15:30
Forum: iOS
Topic: ios version nearly perfect, until I tried bluetooth earbuds
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Re: ios version nearly perfect, until I tried bluetooth earbuds

On bluetooth, the microphone just produces choppy output. Tried 3 different brands of bluetooth headsets, and earbuds.. all the same. Various settings in the preferences don't seem to clear this up. Interestingly, the plumble free app on android had the same problem with the same hardware UNTIL... ...
by N8LHG
12 Sep 2019, 17:28
Forum: General
Topic: 1.3.0 is out!
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1.3.0 is out!

A Big THANK YOU to the developers of mumble!

You don't receive enough credit!
by N8LHG
15 Aug 2019, 12:28
Forum: Scripting
Topic: XWidget Core?
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XWidget Core?

Hi folks,

Has anyone made, or know of, an XWidget core which would allow desktop widgets to interface with mumble?
by N8LHG
15 Aug 2019, 12:16
Forum: Usage
Topic: Can I create two-way channel communication heirarchies?
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Re: Can I create two-way channel communication heirarchies?

HI. I want to create three channels like this: __Mission1BlueTeam | Mission1All-----| |__Mission1RedTeam Players tuned to "Mission1All" should be able to communicate in both directions with people on all three of those channels, transmitting to everybody and hearing everything happening in any of t...
by N8LHG
07 Jul 2019, 22:26
Forum: General
Topic: 1.3 RC2
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1.3 RC2

For what its worth, happy to see the internal RC1 to RC2 update within mumble.

Best release so far. Glad to see the local volume adjustment in 1.3. Been hosting a server for 9 years now, and super happy.
by N8LHG
22 May 2019, 21:24
Forum: General
Topic: MumbleCensusBot ?? What is it?
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MumbleCensusBot ?? What is it?

Ok folks, Lately I've experienced a connection lasting under 2 seconds each day signing on my server as "MumbleCensusBot". No idea what it is. Doesn't seem to be malicious, but was wondering if anyone knew what it was? PyMumble happy bot? For the purpose of? <W>2019-05-22 15:26:22.842 1 => <24:(-1)>...
by N8LHG
20 Apr 2019, 13:45
Forum: General
Topic: Mumble Video Streaming?
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Mumble Video Streaming?

I hesitate to ask due to the enormous bandwidth needs, however, the idea still seems interesting to me. Is there any one on the developers team considering an option to video stream from a murmur server? In other words, if you have a group gathered, perhaps a way to host streaming of a game being pl...
by N8LHG
10 Mar 2015, 13:01
Forum: Technical
Topic: Connection attempts cause global ban
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Re: Connection attempts cause global ban

Thanks for the response. It was pretty easy to guess client side, since there are many who have no problems at all. I have the autoban options set to be very conservative, but the key here is, how do we fix the broken client? The thrashing continues. In some of these cases, its brand new installs. V...