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Hey guys :lol: I'm tkmorris on transifex and github, I translate for Portuguese (Brazil). I originally started using Mumble in order to keep my clan, since at the time only TS2 was available, and using it under Linux was a terrible, terrible experience (only OSS was supported, I even posted my emula...
I want to be able to whisper without having to press any button, something like push-on/push-off once, that's why double push is useful for me.
kissaki wrote:There’s no double-push functionality, but you can bind 2 keys together doing an action. [emphasis mine]
Sorry to bother you, but how does it help?
My friend said that she can put her Windows in sleep mode, while whispering, then resuming it, the whisper never goes off, but that's too much hassle.
How do I double push whisper with whisper shortcuts?

If there is no way currently, would you consider adding one for me and my friends? :oops: :oops: