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Thank you very much Stephan for your support.
I hope i can get it to work soon.

I want to run the Mumble client (with PTT signaling) on a Raspberry Pi3 (or a Pi2, if a Pi3 is not supported yet) @Hamie, do you have it working on a Pi3? Do you have a working image i can get? I'm afraid i will not succeed because all the information i can find to do the job is outdated. Mumble has...
Thank you very much Hamie,

Can you tell me something about 'main.cpp'?
Where to place these parts exactly?

#include <wiringPi.h>

In the source, #include statements are between " " instead of < >
Hi, Is it possible someone with knowledge rewrites this handout? It is not clear where to made the changes exactly (right place in source). When i try to compile i get much errors. I'm not a programmer so i can just follow the steps written by 'Stephensworld'. This post is 1,5 years old so i think i...
Good day, I found this topic while searching for information for my project. 'stephensworld' finished the issue where i was looking for. I turned my Raspberry into an programming environment as described here. I can't get the job done because i think I'm missing some information about editing the so...