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It´s already there, here´s the solution: ... shortcuts/

If you do not wish to Shout to the channel while to enter it, you can add a dummy group in the "restrict to group" field.
We are using the Retrogame for PTT & Whisper/shout functions it´s set up for triggering F1-F9
This way it´s easy to configure shortcuts in the Mumble Client.
What OS are you running.
If on Linux, check if you have write acces to the config file.

Typically placed here: $HOME/.config/Mumble/Mumble.conf
We ended up building then on a Raspberry Pi but with a desktop, for small I/O boxes. This way we can use all the features of the mumble client, and then use GPI for triggering the Keys, or a touchscreen with shortcuts. An Ansible script for installing it is here:
EDIT: See HowTo in answer ------ Hi, I would love to have the possibility to jump to a predefined Channel with a shortcut. Right now there´s a "Join Channel" function in shortcuts, but it´s only possible to use it for jump so the selected channel. I wish the Data field/column had an option, just lik...
I haven´t found a "HowTo" create the Mumble Certificate from CommandLine on Linux.

Is it possible to manually create a certificate and insert it to the Mumble.conf file?
I have a couple of headless Raspberry Pi´s running. I ended up using desktop GUI with remote access, using the default Mumble app, as this makes support easier, and it´s easier to setup keys/GPI´s and changing rooms etc. There´s an ansible script for setting up the machine here: https://forums.mumbl...
Hi, Please let me know if this is not the correct room for this post. We´re working on a Mumble 4wire box using Raspberry Pi´s and an AudioInjector card ( And have made an Ansible Playbook to handle configuration and installation. It´s booting Headless, and autologin to ...