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U don't think XMPP is the way to go(nor maybe upgrading the current chat is a good idea.
Is there a way to check what an element's QSS name is? Right now I am guess and checking. I am using Mumble 1.3.0 themes if that helps.
Glad to hear it somehow fixed.
This looks awesome. Nice job.
I'm going to assume it is a server issue. How long have you had this server? Maybe the cert has expired?
Is everybody on the same platform? E.g Windows.
I looked through the code, and as far as I can tell, no. It seems to be using OCB1 which is not vulnerable to this attack.
I'm not entirely certain on what you are asking. If you want to create a theme here is the Wiki article:
If you are trying to create your own entirely custom client than here is the source code:

Hope this helps.
- Zing
Hello, I'm unaware of how to fix this issue. You could try enabling the developer menu and check if there is anything weird there.
Settings >> User Interface >> Enable developer menu.
Let me know if you find anything.

Hope this helps!
- Zing
Hello, there are several ways to change the Speaking Icon, The easiest way would be to use the classic theme. However this looks outdated. If you are decent with computers, you can create a [url=]Mumble Theme[/url]. Hope this helps! - Zing P.S: If you aren't very ...