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Did you try the suggestion of copying your Mumble install to your desktop, and running it from there?
That was the main point.
Hi, Thanks for your kind words about Mumble. Greatly appreciated! There's a long running thread on GitHub about this problem. I have been able to use a virtual F13 key using AutoHotKey: Could you try the approach at the bottom o...
I am still confused regarding the last bullet point. Are you asking the Mumble project for improved documentation on how to change the client's default settings, to easier allow you to configure the client for connecting to your HN? Or something else? I need to know more about your setup to say anyt...
Is it possible for users to change mumble to a regular application instead of a communication application?
Hmm, not at the moment. But it's something we could implement...

We provide RPC APIs to allow you to get to the necessary data for your Murmur server.
I am not aware of any "plug-and-play" solution for SMF, unfortunately.
Hi, The problem is that Mumble 1.2.x in Linux distros is built against a stock Qt 4. Our official binaries (as well as some operating systems, such as OpenBSD) use a patch for Qt 4 that allows it to use TLS 1.2. No Linux distros have picked up this patch, to my knowledge. But as I said, our official...
I think what happened is that you deleted your original certificate, and you are trying to connect with the username you used previously. If you've created a new certificate, try to choose a different username, and you should be able to connect again. Then you can re-register, and an admin can chang...
Sorry for the late response.

Could you prehaps show us the output of Mumble's log when this doesn't work, and also when it does work?
I'm interested in what parameters Mumble is using for the audio devices. Thanks.

Your log file is available at %APPDATA%\Mumble\Console.txt
I haven't tested EVE on Mac recently.

I've filed this issue for the problem: