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Oh sh**
Totally forgot… never used it.

Also possible via Ice of course. :)
That's new to me.
Maybe someone else knows that problem.

Which OS are you on?
Which version of Mumble?
Up to now the only way to do so was to deny enter-privilege to the root channel so users will be pushed to the next one.
Configure -> settings -> Audio Input -> Transmission -> Transmit => [Continuous, Voice Activity, Push to talk]
I do have it there.
After selecting it you bind a push-to-talk key in your shortcuts.
Also i'd like to know if it's possible to disable the auto volume adjustment for mumble, it's a really nice idea, but it works bad cause the volume adjusts to slowly.
Are you talking about decreasing volume of other programs?
One can disable that in the settings, audio output tab.
Well, I still have to disagree. Both avatars and textures are both images, so you can do the same things with one or another. The only difference is the resolution ratio, 1:10 vs 1:1. The avatar size (in kB) as well as in display (client setting) can be changed and increased. So avatars are not forc...
Members loved the idea of having a single image to represent their character in the overlay rather then a text representation. Aren’t avatars with their square size better suited for characters? After all they’re higher than wide. You probably will not display those characters horizontally, lying o...
Can anyone connect to your server?
Are you sure your firewall (and router) are set up correctly?
It seems your server was started and tried to register itself, the register-server checked back if that server exists and couldn't find it. Seems like a port/firewall issue.
do you knowe if the pakkes has wath i need for the webserver part ? # Apache 2.0.63 # PHP 4.4.9 & 5.2.11 It's apache httpd 2.0 and not even apache 2.2. Are you sure you want to use that? Also, why PHP 4 instead of 5? You'll have to check for yourself if the ice php extension works with that, dunno.
New to Mumble (from Ventrilo & Teamspeak) and it looks fantastic! Well done, all. Does volume attenuate over in-game distance? Directionality itself is awesome, but if I can't hear a squadmate at all because he's on the other side of the map from me (or for that matter, dead/respawning), that'd kin...