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There's no error on the page linked.
Did you solve your problem?
So you have "@all, #token, you" in the ACL list? You're probably added because you're the channel creator and thus admin of that channel to prevent you from creating a channel you can't edit or enter afterwards. If you have @all and #token as you said without inheriting it should work the way you wa...
Do you start you MySQL Server from your ssh session?
Manually or via /etc/init.d startscript so it runs independently?
Maybe something is closed with the ssh session ending.
Do you disconnect your ssh session or just close your terminal which somehow doesn't do that?
Haha, yeah.
Didn’t notice it until just now in another thread.
Seems I did not check the link I was adding.
Thanks for pointing out.
Is triggering the ati powerplay a manual calling or an automated system process?
Did that happen when you've enabled the overlay and/or have been in an app, fullscreen or another DirectX/OpenGL program?
Did you ask those users to update their FritzBox firmware?
That could very probably fix the issue for them.
If not, did you report it to AVM, the FritzBox manufacturer?
The audio assistant should guide you through that. Increase the “speech above level” so the mouse will no longer trigger the input and if you’re using speakers consider using echo-cancellation. Also make sure you don't have a windows sound for click-events and using your sound out as input. (can you...
You could also try to reduce the bandwidth usage (network tab) and see if that helps.
Could you describe "my computer crashes"?
Also note that there’s a timelimit after registration in which you can't edit pages.
A week, 5days or sth.