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Here you can find some info how to setup the SuperUser password for murmur. If you want to login with the SuperUser account, add your server to the favorite list and set the user to SuperUser. You will be asked for a password ones you connect to the server.
Sound like the sample rate of you microphone is set to a strang number. Mumble uses a 48000Hz sample rate internally, but when a different sample rate is provided it will up/down sample it using the speex preprocessor. It could be that the sample rate provided to mumble it to far from the ideal 4800...
Try to have DebugView running, while you start mumble. Maybe it can give us some indication on which backend mumble hangs. You can post the DebugView output here, so we can compare it with a working output.

When a program hangs it is often due to a faulty backend mumble is using.
I would say, just post a feature request on the mumble page on sourceforge. Put I do not know if there is a devs with a g19.
Try to update all your drivers related to sound/internet/video.
Please file a feature request on the sourceforge page of mumble.
Try to turn of exclusive mode in Audio Output configuration. It will show up when you set advanced mode.
Please file a feature request in the sourceforge site of mumble.
Nice catch. Now that I think of it, I also need to check which firewall is active on my windows setup.
Two things are looking strange in your console output. The first one is related to PulseAudio PulseAudio: Connection failure: Connection refused ... ALSAAudioOutput: Initialized ALSAAudioInput: Initing audiocapture default:CARD=SB. ALSAAudioInput: Actual buffer 48000 hz, 1 channel 4096 samples [1024...