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Toolbar Skinning


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I will post here info for this subject.

Location of Icon in Toolbar

"applications-internet.svg" ----->/icons/tango/categories/applications-internet.svg Connect

"Information_icon.svg" ---->/icons/publicdomain/Information_icon.svg This is for Server info

"self_undeafened.svg"----->/icons/self_undeafened.svg Un-muted Headset

"deafened_self.svg" ----->/icons/deafened_self.svg Muting Headset


"audio-input-microphone.svg" ----->/icons/tango/actions/audio-input-microphone.svg Microphone Un-muted

"audio-input-microphone-muted.svg" ----->/icons/tango/actions/audio-input-microphone-muted.svg Microphone muted

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