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Hello. My server is running with me as full admin and a couple of mates which have everything besides "write acl". One of them created a channel, and that channel always gives him an ability to write acl, so he can have a full admin on it. How can i stop this and tell mumble that I should be able to only edit it?

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Let me ask connected question (don't want to start a new thread):

My situation is pretty the same as for valium104 (me = admin, couple friends = almost admins :)). I want my friends to be able to write channel comments (they contain various clan news), but not to edit ACLs. They are not the creators of the channels. I was not able to configure Murmur/Mumble like this. Am I understanding correctly that "Write ACL" access right contains also "Edit comment"?

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Yes, I think so.

It may be possible via a Server-Callback added via Ice


That's a bit complicated though, or impossible if you're not familiar with scripting etc.

Another way, probably easier or simpler, would be to use a web-based system. If you're just copying/adding already-existent news from your homepage (which is probably the case here?) then you could add a bridge/script to your homepage to automatically add the news to your chan-comment / update your chancomment (via Ice).

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