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Hey there technical board!

The past year or so, mumble has been acting fine but a few months ago it has started lagging insanely bad. It will take several seconds for a menu to pop up when I click one and when I hit my PPTK it will either not work at all (have tried several different buttons) or it will start broadcasting after 2-5 seconds. It isn't even constant, some days it will work just fine whereas other days it gets even worse than normal. I have installed it and reinstalled it a few times and nothing changes.

The group of friends I play with are getting just as tired of it as I am. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Do the others have the same issues?

Or are they tired of you having the issue?

Is it network responsiveness (e.g. a server issue) or UI?

When you use local loopback, do you have the issue? With server loopback?

Can you still mute and/or deafen yourself fine when the issues occur?

Did you check your HW usage when the issue occurs? Is the CPU used to a maximum then?

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