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Can't Hear on mumble app


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A few days ago I set myself up a Murmur server so me and my friends could chat while we were gaming. Everything was going great, and I discovered you could get an Mumble client app for android, so I got that so I could still chat while I was away from my PC, I could connect and everything and it was good. However the next time Tried connect to my server through my android app,I would be able to talk and chat but It would crash after a few seconds and disconnect me form the server, I think it was whenever someone else would talk on the server. So I restarted the server and connected before anyone else and then everyone else connected and I thought everything was great. However I then realized that I could not hear anyone on the server talking through my phone,but they could hear me when I talked on my phone. I could only hear those who were also using an Android client. Others who have connected to my server via an Android client have also experienced the same problems.

Wondering If anyone could help me out?


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Sorry but we do not have an official android client at this point. What you are using must be a third party application. Since we didn't creat it we can't fix it ;) Try contacting the developer of that application, they should be able to help you out.

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