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Shouts and linked channels. Will this work?


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Current setup:


|>Main channel (cannot be joined)
|-->Group 1
|   |-->Group 1 Subchannel 1
|-->Group 2 (cannot be joined)
|   |-->A
|       |-->A1
|   |--> B
|       |--> B1
|   |--> C
|       |--> C1
|   |--> D
|       |--> D1


Currently Group 1 and it's subchannel are linked. A is linked with A2, B with B2 etc.

The desired situation is that those in the subchannels of Group 1 Subchannel 1, A1, B1, C1 and D1 can talk to their parent (and hear their parent) using the usual PTT. Linking does this fine/

The other desired situation is that those in Group 1 Suchannel 1, A1, B1 etc. can talk to one another without that being broadcasted to their linked channels and without the usual PTT being broadcast across them.

Currently this is reached by everyone who needs this setting up a series of shouts set to the same shortcut key where the "Shout to linked channels" checkbox is left clear.

The problem is is that the channels we use are more extensive than above, and are likely to grow. That's a lot of shouts to setup. Those using this shout system are not always the same people (hence the client-side shout system rather than having to have admins available to constantly update group memberships or using a whisper-to-tokens system where users have to add / remove their token all the time)

Would the following work?

Same setup as above but includes a new "Group shout" subchannel for the main channel. This channel cannot be joined by anyone. It is linked to Group 1 Subchannel 1, A1, B1 etc etc. and such links are updated as new channels to be part of the structure are added.

Group 1, A, B, C etc. are setup using ACL to deny speak to @out and allow speak to @sub. Setup does not cascade to subchannels.

Anyone wanting to use this shout-structure only needs to add a shout & shortcut to the new "Group shout" channel, this time setup with "shout to linked channels".

My assumption is that Group 1, A, B etc. will not hear what is shouted to "Group shout" despite being linked-by-proxy. That the deny speak to @out set in the ACL will over-ride the shout shortcut?

Links to "group shout" can then be updated as needed and users will never need to do anything beyond a one-time setup of a shout shortcut to "group shout"

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Well, not quite.

I'm having trouble with using the "sub" ACl. The wiki is not the clearest on this.

Current setup:

|   |>Group 1
|       |>Leader1
|   |>Group 2
|       |>Leader 2
|   |>Group n
|       |>Leader n
|   |>Teams
|       |>Team A
|           |>Leader A
|       |>Team B
|           |>Leader B
|       |>Team C
|           |>Leader C
|       |>Team D
|           |>Leader D
|   |>Relay channel


(Where "Group n" indicates an arbitrary number of groups with a single "Leader" subchannel)

Currently all "Leader" channels are linked to their parent. A "command" whisper is setup client-side by creating a series of shouts to each leader channel that does not shout to linked channels. This allows leaders to use the usual PTT to talk to their teams and an additional hotkey to shout to each leader channel.

This works. But it's inelegant. New channels require user reconfiguration. As the number of groups grow, the client-side shout list gets very extensive to put together.

We use two setups currently. One hotkey as a universal "leader" chat setup as described above and then individual leader channel hotkey whispers, usually mapped to the numpad. I would like to replace the long list of shout-to-channels set to the same hotkey with a single relay channel. Individual hotkeys for specific leader channels can then be setup client side as desired.

My plan is to create a "Relay channel" as can be seen in that setup. It would be linked with each leader channel combined with an ACL setup to avoid that simply putting everyone in a linked channel.

Two options spring to mind as possibilities. but I'm not sure they will work.

1a) Link all "Leader" channels with the "Relay" channel.

1b) Set "@out deny speak" and "@sub allow speak" on all "Group" and "Team" channels. Does not inherit. This means no one outside of those channels (bar their leader subchannel) cannot "PTT" speak to them, no matter how things are linked.

1b) Set "@out deny speak" on all leader channels and then an "~sub??? allow speak" on all "Leader" channels. Where the sub ACL refers to the parent channel. This stop those using PTT in any other channel other than the parent being heard, regardless of everything being linked.

Question: What is the correct "~sub" format to refer to -just- the parent channel?

1d) Set "~sub??? allow speak" on all "Leader" channels that refers to "Relay channel" Or should that be allow whisper? I'm not sure what Mumble classifies as whipers: Are those hotkeys assigned to given users, or hotkeys assigned to channel shouts as well?

Question: Is this even possible? Can "sub" be used in this way? To refer to a given channel that is at the same hierarchical postions as the parent (but is not the parent, or any other channels in the same position)?

1e) Everyone using leader has a one-time client side setup of a shout hotkey to "Relay channel" that shouts to all linked channels.

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