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iOS Mumble works, OSX version times out.


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The problem I experience is weird. First I thought there was something wrong with my router (D-Link)

but now after installing the iOS version of Mumble on my iPhone those doubts are out of my mind.

It works fine on iOS, but whenever I try to connect to a certain IP on OSX, I cannot. I'm getting a

connection timeout.


OS X Version 10.8.2, Fiber LAN connection 100/10, iPhone goes through Wifi and desktop computer goes

through standard cable.

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Seems to me like this could be a QoS problem. The iOS client doesn't use QoS, but the OS X client does, by default.

You can disable QoS in Preferences -> Network -> Use Quality of Service (ensure 'Advanced' is on - it's the checkbox in the top right of the Preferences window).

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for taking time to answer. This is one of the answers I found on the

net searching before posting here. However this solution does not work, I'm

entirely clueless now. At one point I got a message saying that mumble could

not verify server version, however this message only came when I used 'force TCP'.


I have always been able to connect to open servers...it's just that I can't do it

when it comes to this certain IP. Really bums me out.

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