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Overlay not working on my W7


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hi ppl,

just started using mumble , downloaded version 1.2.2 most stable version (according to website) installed it got it working, all settings left as default, but for some strange reason my overlay wont work.

two fellow caln member installed same version on xp & W7 with defaul settings same as me and there over lay works fine.

reinstalled mumble incase installation problem - still nothing.

made sure it was running befor game loaded - still nothing.

i have two monitors so disconnected secondary one incase that was problem . - still nothing.

my system

W7 ultimat 32bit

4GB memory

hd 5870 1GB

CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 940 3 GHz

help on this would be greatly appriciated

many thanks


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What game are we talking about? Because if it a new one like BFBC2 it will use the DX11 capability of your graphics card. The overlay however, at this point, only supports DX9 and 10. So if you really want the overlay you should check whether the game can be configured to use DX9/10 (BFBC2 can for example).

I cannot tell you when we are going to support DX 11 since none of our developers have DX11 capable hardware at this moment. But I guess sooner or later we'll get our hands on it and implement support ;-)

If your game does not use DX11 make sure you have actually enabled the overlay and if it still doesn't work get back to us.

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thanks dd0t

I'ts bfbc2 with dx11 settings so that'll explain it thanks very much, i'm so pleased i posted, was going to go threw all the palava of uninstalling gfx drivers, i understand the problem now i'll change the gamedx settings to 10 cheers.

Hopefully have dx11 support soon, great program from what seen so far, clans loving it to.

Keep up the good work.

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