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Multiple instances of mumble client and system performance


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I'm testing with mumble linux client on a system. In my opinion, if muble client instances is sleep, I will create many mumble client instances (100~200). But, when I have created mumble clinet instance continually, the CPU utilization has increased more and more (Each mumble client doesn't work anything without ping message Tx automatically) and the system is slow.

Finally, when the numble of mumble client instances is 30, all mumble clinet instance were shut down with as follow message:

"ALSAAudioInput: Input/output error: Input/output error:

Why this situation occured?

Is anybody to answer to me?

Thanks a lot

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A colon most of the times means the actual reason follows, as it does in this case. You snipped that text though.

Launching multiple mumble client instances via the -m parameter is not an officially supported feature.

Are you asking about the crash or performance issue?

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