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Mumble dont let other programms work


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instant problem: Mumble is blocking other programms doing their job. Without Mumble, everything runs fine. But when I start Mumble:

- Skype isnt launching. The progress is working (Seen in Taskmanager), but it isnt poping up at the desktop

- Steam-Games wont launch. They start and instantly crash

- Trying to start Mass Effect 3 results in a error-message telling me there is missing DLL

Thats the problems in noticed so far, not sure if there are other programms Mumble dont let do thier job.

Any tips or help?

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Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Mumble (1.2.4-rc1-9-gdeeeb72). Dont now if it is the newest version, Mumble constantly tells me there is an update but even when i install it after the next start it keeps saying there is a new version.

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I guess the first step would be to disable Mumble's overlay and restart the _computer_ (to make sure its gone). There seems to be some bad interaction between something on the system, mumble and the games in question. Are you running any other applications that overlay, record, influence, react to the game? What kind of Firewall are you using? Are your OS and drivers up to date and fully patched?

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