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Help: deny entry into parent, but allow in sub group


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I am having tremendous problems figuring this out and I am blaming it on the @all that is permanent in the root and can not be altered.

What I have is this:


-Channel A

--Channel B

--Channel C

What I want to do is make it so no one (except admins for the whole server) can enter Channel A, but anyone can enter and talk in Channel B or C. This is purely for organizational purposes. I want Channel A to be just a organizational name for the sub groups and not a place to go and talk.

In Channel A I have the default @all and then an @all that denies everything. Inherit ACLs is unchecked and under context for the @all I added, "applies to sub-channels" is unchecked. That should mean the deny all won't be present in Channel B or C. Further, the default @all is auto inherited into Channel B and C, which allows for all to enter and talk.

Regular, non-admin people are not able to enter Channel A, so that is working. The problem is that they can't enter Channel B or C either.

Can anyone help me figure out what I need to add, check, etc that would all all people to not enter A, but enter and talk in B and C?

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Check the help-text for the traverse permission.

(Shift-F1 / “?” icon then click on checkbox)


“If a user is denied this privilege, he will be unable to access this channel and any sub-channels in any way, regardless of other permissions in the sub-channels.”

So I guess you have denied this for Channel A, which you do not want to do in your case.

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