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I got banned from war z about a month ago. I been waiting for a reason throught there support desk. they sied I was using hacking software but iam 100% I have not and the only thing I used while playing war z was mumble so for all the mumble users out there don't use mumble while playing and for the mumble creators war z is banning people for using using your software while playing.... thought I would let you all know......

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This is the first time of a publisher/developer potentially banning/having banned someone because of Mumble.

Did you even see an overlay?

As long as they are not saying which hacking software it was (it could be malware, viruses or rootkits as well, or other software) I wouldn’t take such a bold and definitive statement.

And really – the question is what do they consider hacking? Because the overlay doesn’t give you a considerable advantage - it even blocks some of your view.

Could you ask them for specifics?

What *kind* of hack?

Which software?

If it was Mumble they ban for? And if so, which part of Mumble? The overlay?


I couldn’t find a support channel for war-z. Where is it?

And the forum is down because of a noticed hack …

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