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Can not login with Superuser


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hi, now I want to connect to my server become a Superuser, but I could'nt.

Please someone help me :cry:

My Environment are following:


Server : Windows Server 2003

Client : Windows 7 Pro

murmur/Mumble version : 1.2.2

Already set the SuperUser's password by SQLite DB Browser.

After change in the value, I restarted murmur.


Mumble connect to server with username are SuperUser as same Database default.

Then connect to server, returns "Wrong password".

Something I wrong??

Off course already I read wiki and documents.

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Already set the SuperUser's password by SQLite DB Browser.

Well. I guess you missed two important parts of our documentation then ;-)

First: We do not support direct database editing. Yes, you can do it and the server usually keeps running but if it does not or you notice funny side-effects don't expect us to care.

And now to solve your problem. Just set the SuperUser password like mentioned in our docs.

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