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Mumble window uninteractable


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When I open up mumble the main window opens up but everything is grayed out and i can't interact with anything not even the minimise, fullscreen and close buttons on top. The server list doesn't open up automatically anymore either. There is no error messages or anything like that when trying to open it.

I tried uninstalling and deleting everything to do with mumble on my computer and reinstalling it and the same thing happened.

I'm completely stumped on what to do any advice would be greatly appreciated

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On uninstallation did you select to remove all user files and settings?

Check your task manager, if the mumble.exe process still uses CPU, or reads I/O.

Mumble itself should not block like that.

I’d guess an audio driver issue; that getting and trying to use the system provided audio devices somehow blocks indefinitely.

Do you use ASIO or anything “special”?

You did not name version or OS, so I’m gonna look into my magic ball and guess: 1.2.3 on Windows 7.

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