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Modify default settings pre-install


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I am looking for a way to install the mumble client with a different set of default settings - namely I want to enable transmit position, enable positional headphones, and change max distance to 100m and min volume to 5%.

It seems like I could change these in the settings.cpp file pre-build for Windows (target OS) but I am afraid I will butcher the build process.

the solution doesn't need to be clean - I was considering modifying the values in the registry too, but that seems like a very sketchy solution.

There will likely be another script that initiates a silent install of mumble, and it would be no problem for it to simply run another config script after mumble is installed.


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Personally, I would go for the registry adjustment post installation.

This leaves the Mumble program and installation as is, preventing any possible future incompatibilities or otherwise hidden changes.

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