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Question about mumble-embedding into live-Internetframe


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Hi there :)

I'm new to mumble, so i've got a question.

Is the following possible with mumble? :

I want to show the channel of a mumble-server in the internetexplorer. There, i want to edit it that way, that i only see the little indicators, that are showing, if someone is speaking or not.

Above these indicators i want to implement a picture or little videobox (well, this is html/php then, nothing to do witth mumble itself).

This is, what is not the problem, i think.

BUT: I want these indicators to be LIVE. So when a user mutes his mic, then this indicator should update in the internetframe within a second or so.

Also, i want to interact with the internetframe. Like, i list the subchannels of the actual channel there and if the user clicks on another channel in this internetframe, he is moved there on the server.

Hmm.... i hope, you get the idea of it. I think, it's hard to describe :/

So in the end, i have a HTML/PHP-Site. The user opens it and sees 4 sqares with pictures/videos. Underneth each picture/video there is the voice-indicator, updates almost live (within a second or so).

And the user can see 3 subchannels on the side. If he clicks there, he will swap to that subchannel and the memberlist with pictures/videos is updated to users in that subchannel.

I wanted to ask, if this is possible, before i start this project and after 50% of the work i see, that it's impossible due to some tecnical things.

Best wishes and thanks in advance for your help :)


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This person asked in IRC as well,

where we pointed out that channel viewers do provide such viewing capabilities.

A channel switching is possible via the Mumble (mumble://) URLs.

Other than that, there is no easy way to directly control the mumble client from a webbrowser.

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