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Been using mumble for months with no problem. Logging in to Corp server with no issues.

Suddenly today I cannot connect. there's no messages from system, nothing. the login information is the same, unchanged from previous sessions.

the Server I'm trying to connect to is bnicomms.mumble.com and the port is 8569.

I have tested my connection to other servers with no issue.

It's as if the connect button doesn't work - can't doubleclick the connection in favourites... etc.

There are numbers of others who cannot connect, though it appears that most people can.

there appears to be no pattern to the distribution, computers, OS to those of us who can't get on.

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I'm having this exact issue with a server I frequent.

I come back after a few days away, and I can't connect to it. It tries to connect, but just says "remote host closed the connection."

This is REALLY weird since the server is up and running, and can see the ping and number of people in it.

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