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[SOLVED] Patching mumble and TS3


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Basically, one of my friends whom I play with often is a bit dubious about installing ts3 on his linux system, but he's willing enough to use mumble. Getting everyon in our clan switched over would be a giant hassle, so I promised him I'd try to host a mumble server for him on my home PC.

I need to try and patch this server into the TS3 client that I use, so that he can hear and speak to the rest of us. I have a small theory about doing it with hardware and a few cables, but the feedback is huge and nobody can hear anyone that way. Is it possible to do something like this software-wise?

I run Win7 Ultimate, I can also utilise a separate laptop that currently runs ElementaryOS. Internet speed/bandwidth is no problem, and I have/can manufacture most cables/connectors.

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