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USB foot pedal problems


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I recently got a usb foot pedal to use as my push to talk button for Mumble, but I am having problems. I mapped the foot pedal to the key I wanted (v) and it seems to be working correctly in every other program I try. When I'm setting up my push to talk key in shortcuts in Mumble, it registers the foot press as v and sets that as the push to talk button. But when I actually push the foot pedal to talk, there is no response. I've tried this with several different keys. Any suggestions? I'm running windows 7 and recently updated Mumble (I was having the same problem before the update)

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It's possible this is a weird interaction with one of our shortcut methods on Windows. It sounds like your V keypress is software triggered - or something to that effect?

You can try download this registry fix, and see if it fixes the issue (it will disable Mumble's windows hooks code for getting globa keypresses)


Here's a counterpart that re-enables it:


Let us know if it works!


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