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Windows 8, no audio output & wireless USB headset


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Hi all.

I have this issue.

I had Mumble 1.2.4 it worked relatively trouble free on Windows 7 with my wireless USB headset.

I now have Windows 8 and am getting the following issue.

People can hear me fine but there is no audio output coming from the headset. It works when I change it to output to speakers.

I am using Windows 8, Mumble 1.2.4 and a Microsoft XBOX 360 wireless headset, all with what I think are the latest drivers.

I have found that by running the program in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode that it works.

Extra note: just had someone telling me my voice went robotic. I went into settings, didn't change anything but clicked 'apply' - now back to normal.

Edit: It has done the above twice now, and sometimes my PTT key stops working and have to do the fix above for that too. It done that occasionally in windows 7 tho. But less often.

Some weird stuff going on here

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