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Help to the Perfeckt Murmur.ini


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Hey i have a server that i use in lanpartys it ihas bin running on a old win.

I have just got it over on my mac server i have at home and nowe i like to get it online so i can use it insted of the VT i have to the wow guild.

so i like a littel help to make the ini file as clean as posibel and as good. i like the server to be shown public but i like a join password on to can it be don and howe. my reason to it has to be shown public is that it is more easy for members to join just klik and join type password and one is on the server.

can some one pleezz hellp me whit a ini setup that i can use.

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The ini file already includes sall the information you need (as comments).

You can’t put a server with a password public though. (public as in on the public server list)

It’s either public, or password.

As for where to find the settings for that, it’s in the ini. You’ll just have to check it.

And there’s not really much to make “clean and good”. It’s an ini-file. Just change the default one to your needs. The rest is personal preference, if you want to change anything else (like remove all comments).

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