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Suggestion about Comment Boxes inputting to Log/Chat box


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Is it possible to paste the text/link information in a comment to the "chat box"? That way one doesn't run into problems trying to read super large comment boxes that do not fit on the screen correctly. It also allows the user to find something in their "log" so to speak, by scrolling up and down.

Obviously this might be a problem with the images some put into their comment boxes. But I think it would be a neat feature otherwise. What do you think?

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I think log and user commend are two inherently different things.

If there is a need for something like this it should be a dialog with textarea openable from the user information dialog.


That's cool too. I just don't see why a place where we use to chat with each other cannot also paste the text from the comment a user clicked. Not as a default, but perhaps as a toggle-option for some users? The textarea openable would still pose the problem of what to do with "long comments" a simple scrollbar for the current comment scheme or your openable textarea would solve this problem as well.

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