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I'm trying to get my own speech to output from Mumble, after the volume level processing that Mumble does.

My goal here is to create screencasts.

In 1.2.3, I would do this by recording my speech with mumble's recording feature; however, the audio from my speech was not synched properly with the video. Worse, if I used multi-channel, everyone's speech was offset differently.

I had the great idea today of using two clients -- one that is catching the microphone, and sending it to murmur, and the second that is listening to a null microphone (unused channels on soundflower's 16 channel device), and echos what comes from murmur. That way, I can just record system audio, and get my speech, and the speech of my partners, and the game audio, all at once, with proper synch.

But Mumble won't let me start a second copy.

keybounceMBP:Applications michael$ ./Mumble.app/Contents/MacOS/Mumble

keybounceMBP:Applications michael$

The second copy starts up, bounces a new dock icon twice, and then exits.

This is 1.2.4.

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