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Few questions:

- is it possible to use the mumble client over Tor at all? (Tor supports TCP connections only, not UDP)

- is the incoming voice stream understandable given the higher latency due to using the Tor network?

- are there any plugins to obfuscate the outgoing voice stream (yet keep it understandable) to avoid fingerprinting of users by voice?

- are the developers of mumble client making sure it doesn't explicitly send any private data to the server? Like original IP address when connecting through Tor/VPN/proxy, like operating system name / timezone info (like clients for other protocols - IRC/Jabber - do)?

Thanks in advance.

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Mumble supports TCP-only mode and will fall back to it when UDP is not available.

Higher latency should not influence audio quality.

There are no plugins for Mumble to tamper with audio.

You are free to use other software for this though, and use a virtual mic/device as input.

Only an IP for connectivity should be necessary and thus no "original IP".

Checking a connected users information I can see his OS name and version, as well as the Mumble client version.

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