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Mumble LCD display (on a mac)


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I'm having a problem getting mumble to display on my Logitech G15 LCD.

It all used to work just fine but a few weeks ago I was having keyboard issues and at about the same time updated mumble to the latest release. I do not remember the exact sequence of events but since updating both the Logitech Software and the Mumble software I can no longer get mumble to display on the LCD. If I switch to my windows install I can get it all to work. The issue I have is potentially twofold ...

1) When in mumble I do not get an "LCD" option in the preferences (I do in WIndows)

2) When in the LCD set up it does not list mumble as an available app

I am wondering if this is something I can fix.

I am running ...

Mac OS X 10.7.5

Mumble 1.2.4

Logitech Gaming Software 8.46.19 (it's an older G15 ... the one with 18 G keys)

Thanks in advance for any help. Apologies if there is a solution somewhere I should have seen, I've tried all sorts of search terms but haven't so far found anything helpful

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